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Have you thought about hiring or purchasing a vending machine for your workplace?

Vending machines offer a more diverse selection of quality products than they have previously. Serving you your favorite brands and varieties, these machines can provide:

tickSnacks tickHot & Cold Drinks tickFresh meals tickHot meals tickQuality coffee

Apart from the convenience and enjoyment of a drink meal or snack, hiring or purchasing a vending machine to keep your staff fed and hydrated has other benefits for your staff:


tickIncreased energy and concentration
tickImprovement in mood and creativity
tickYour staff will appreciate the gesture of being able to grab a quick snack
tickThis can ultimately increase in morale and work comfort


To see the benefits of purchasing or hiring a vending machine, have a look through our site. We can then help recommend vending machines that will best suit your office or workplace.


Hiring a Vending machine

Hiring vending machines is typically only for short term use, such as a special event or an immediate need. The time frame is usually less than 6 months, and is often quite shorter - like 30 days. This is usually quite rare and is often confused with the more popular leasing option. Click here to see more

Leasing vending machines gives the highest profit!

In contrast, leasing is a long term commitment, and you will be required to sign a contract. How long is this for? While the terms of your lease will dictate your arrangement, expect it to be for a few years at least. Three to five years isn't uncommon, so you should be sure that this machine is what you really need. Also, keep in mind that breaking your lease can come with a large early termination fee, so you are rather locked into whatever vending machine you ultimately choose.

For leases, there will be a credit check in most cases, so if your business has a poor credit history this could be a problem. Renting doesn't always carry this requirement, so it could be a better option if you are in this situation. In terms of maintenance and supplies, this will depend upon your individual lease. All in all, if you know that you need a machine for the long haul, then leasing may be the right choice for you.

At the end of the lease you will be given the option to buy the machine outright or simply return in for a newer model. The major benefit to leasing is your profit margins will be greater than renting or hiring. If your sure your going to turn a profit, this is an option to consider.

Renting a vending machine - The most popular choice!

Renting is a cross between hiring and leasing, and it seems to combine the best of both worlds. How so? With renting, your agreement will be for a much shorter time, usually for one year or less. However, you'll have even more flexibility, as you can often cancel at anytime - provided you give 30 days of advanced notice to the rental company. Why is this important? It allows you to change your mind at any point in the future, which is a terrific option to have. If your company no longer requires a vending machine, you can simply discontinue the service. Or, perhaps the type of unit you've rented is no longer up to demand, and you'd like to upgrade instead. Under a lease, this would cost you the early termination fee, as any change in the terms is considered a breach of contract!

Renting affords you the luxury of changing your machines as your business evolves, which is a significant advantage to have. After all, it can be difficult to predict your vending needs for the next 3-5 years in advance - especially if your company is new and growing. Finally, renting usually includes all service and maintenance, and sometimes supplies as well. While you'll likely pay more per month for this convenience, it is a stress free way to provide hot & cold drinks or snacks for your office. See more about rental plans

Buying a vending machine

Buying a vending machine means you will own the machine out right, usually this is a good option if you plan to stock the machine your self. However this does take time and allocating resources can be an unexpected overhead. After proper consultation most buyers will opt for a lease or rental due to the servicing and stocking problems outlined.

Free vending machines


Free vending machines are usually provided with no problems if you have a foot fall of 25 or more users, the company supplying the machine will keep it serviced, full of food or beverage and clean and tidy it at regular points in the week.

However they do keep a high percentage of the machines earning to cover costs, this makes it a great option if you just want to provide the service to your staff or visitors but don't want to risk any money, or cover the costs of a lease or rental. Read moe about free veding machines

Or click here to have us find out more about your workplace food and refreshment requirements.

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